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Going Nowhere Fast in Australia

As we continue our Australian adventure, we travel from the bathroom to the driveway. Now we're getting somewhere!

My parents warned me about buying used cars. “You’re just inheriting someone else’s problems,” they said.

However, I am a grown man, I don’t need their advice, and I ignored them. Twice.

We bought two used cars yesterday. Toyota Klugers. My wife’s Kluger is a 2005 model featuring: a five disk CD changer, a cassette deck, and an almost dead battery.

The latter of these luxuries is a “bonus” feature that unsuspecting Americans learn about the next morning, after purchasing the vehicle. There is just enough juice in the battery for a test drive and the drive home from the dealership. But not enough to start the car to get to work the next day.

Blogging in a bathroom is fun. Blogging in a (dead) 2005 Toyota Kluger is better.

So now, Sasha is the proud owner of a $7,000 five disk CD changer and cassette deck. While we don’t have any cassettes, I have quite the collection of CDs that I’ve been enjoying in the immobile Kluger, while trapped in our parking garage. The Toadies' first album, “Rubberneck”, is a classic that one cannot fully appreciate until having experienced it through the sound system of a (dead) 2005 Toyota Kluger.

Thanks to my wisdom, we are also saving money on gas as Sasha continues to take public transportation.

Had I listened to my parents, I would not be sitting in this (dead) 2005 Toyota Kluger, typing this blog post, enjoying the Toadies, and saving money on “petrol”. I’ve known for quite some time that I, a father of two and a grown man, no longer need their advice; but now, in this moment, I am truly vindicated.

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