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Our family has recently moved from Texas to Perth, Australia. We're looking forward to sharing our adventures with you!


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We've arrived in Perth

After a bit of a detour in Manchester, we've finally arrived in Perth

After over two days of traveling, and a break in Manchester, we’ve finally arrived in Perth, Australia!

The city is beautiful. It is the middle of winter, and the high today reached 70 °F. I’ll figure out Celsius some other day, when I’m less tired.

This is the view from the balcony of our, unfortunately, temporary apartment. I say “unfortunately” because our temporary apartment is very nice, but more on that in a later post. The view overlooks the Swan River, and on a clear day you can see for miles (I’ll figure out kilometers the same day I figure out Celsius).

The view from our apartment, overlooking the Swan River.

The point is we’ve arrived in Perth, and are looking forward to sharing our adventures!